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Buying Guide

Here you will find all the information to successfully register and bid on collector cars on auction.

How bidding works:


  • Register for bidder approval at this link.
  • We will be in touch and will request FICA information (Copy of ID document/Passport and proof of address not older than three months).
  • On approval of bidder profile, a R 5,000 deposit is processed with the credit card the you link to your bidding profile.


  • Visit our login page
  • Submit your email address or telephone number.
  • A One Time Pin (OTP) will be delivered to your preferred contact method.
  • Enter your OTP to complete login process.


  • Study the information in the auction listing and carry out research on similar lots.
  • Make a note of the auction cutoff date and time (the time the auction ends)
  • Call Crossley & Webb and ask questions regarding the lot.
  • Arrange a viewing or technical inspection of the lot.
  • It is the buyer's responsibility to research the lot and be fully knowledgeable on all its details prior to making a bid.


  • Select the desired lot / car.
  • Make sure there is time remaining on the auction.
  • Keep funds available on the credit card linked to the bidding profile for 50% of the 10% including VAT Buyer's Premium for the lot the bidder intends to bid on. (R75,000 including VAT maximum and R2,500 including VAT minimum).
  • Place an educated bid higher than the current bid.
  • If a bid is placed in the last two minutes of the auction, the auction cut off time will be extended by two minutes. If a further bid is placed in the extended cut off time the auction will be extended by a further two minutes.
  • If you would like to secure the lot at the “Buy Now” price select this option.
  • The buyer agrees that each bid submitted for a lot is legally binding whether through the “Buy Now” option or the usual bid submission process.

After the auction:


  • If a buyer has submitted the highest bid and the reserve price has been exceeded or waived or the buyer has selected the Buy now option, 50% of the buyer's premium of 10% is charged (5% buyer's premium is charged) to the credit card associated with the buyers profile.
  • The balance of the buyer's premium must be paid to Crossley & Webb within 24 hours of the cut off time of the auction via EFT.
  • The company will forward payment details for the seller to the buyer and payment is made directly.
  • The payment to the Seller must clear in the seller's account within 48 hours of the cut off time of the auction.
  • Ownership of the lot shall not pass to the buyer until the seller has received settlement of the full purchase price in cleared funds.
  • The lot shall be at the buyer's risk of loss the moment payment has been made for the lot to the seller.
  • Buyers are advised to arrange for insurance cover to coincide with this time.


  • The lot / car must be collected from the seller within seven days of the conclusion of the auction.


  • Transport of the lot post auction is the responsibility of the buyer. Crossley & Webb can supply a list of trusted suppliers used over the past seven years without incurring any obligation.

Common Buyer Questions

  • Bidders register online and go through a vetting process with Crossley & Webb.

Get in touch;

  • All auctions have a buyer’s premium of 10% inclusive of VAT.
  • There is a minimum commission of R 5,000 inclusive of VAT and maximum amount of R 150,000 inclusive of VAT.
  • Yes, there are reserve prices which are confidential. If there is no reserve or the reserve has been lowered we will state so.
  • There is a vehicle grading document for every car on Crossley & Webb Online. This has been completed by the seller and grades the different areas of the car on a scale of 1. (Poor) to 5. (Excellent).
  • Crossley & Webb extract as much information on all cars as much as possible but cannot guarantee the condition.
  • Bidders need to be confident of the condition of the car prior to placing a bid.
  • The full maintenance history and documentation is made available for the bidder to study.
  • Viewings can be arranged and are recommended prior to you making an educated bid.
  • No, Crossley & Webb refer correspondence between the buyer and seller and answer any questions on behalf of the seller first.
  • Yes, a R5,000 registration deposit hold is placed on your credit card assigned to your profile.
  • 50% of the buyer’s premium is processed immediately on your credit card.
  • The balance of the buyer’s premium is paid to Crossley & Webb via EFT.
  • You receive the payment information for the seller and make payment directly.
  • This is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Crossley & Webb have a list of trusted transporters who we regularly use and can forward their details to the buyer.
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