The Simola Hill Climb Record Breaker

The Simola Hill Climb Record Breaker

Tuesday, 22 May, 2018 | Posted by:

We're proud to be associated with Andre Bezuidenhout in the 2018 Simola Hill Climb. His intention was to break his previous record set in 2017 with his 1989 Dallara F189 Formula 1 car. Knowing that Andre doesn't do anything in half measures, we knew that we needed to get behind him this year. Andre achieved his goal with a 35.528 second over his previous record of 37.807 seconds!

His weapon of choice for this year is what excited us most; the Gould GR55 - a specialist Hillclimb single-seater built in the UK. It was built in 2005 and upgraded substantially in 2017 to compete at Simola. It competed for years in the British Hillclimb championship with numerous fastest laps. This GR55 has a Nicholson-McLaren 3.8 V8, which is a jump up from the original Nicholson-McLaren 3.3 Litre V8.

We look forward to seeing what Andre has up his sleeve for the 2019 Hillclimb! Is a 34-second pass possible?

We've got the pleasure to display the GT55 on our showroom floor for the month of May.

Photo credit: Valkyr Films