Morgan 3 Wheeler - Aero Supersports

1934 - JAP V Twin - SOLD
Morgan 3 Wheeler - Aero Supersports

Morgan 3 Wheeler - Aero Supersports

1934 - JAP V Twin - SOLD

The Morgan Motor Company have been producing vehicles with their unique mix of craftmanship and modern technology for 111 years and still make their cars by hand. The origins of the three-wheeler started out when founder H.F.S. Morgan designed a single seat example for his own personal use back in 1908. This prototype consisted of a tubular steel chassis fitted with a 7 hp Peugeot V twin engine. The outstanding feature of this car was the power to weight ratio which resulted in one of the fastest acceleration times of any car in production at the time.

Since the three-wheeler was classified as a motorcycle due to its drivetrain layout, payment of British Tax was not required for these vehicles which made it a convincing selling point along with the low running costs and maintenance that equaled that of a motorcycle and sidecar. Layout gave good balance and road holding with Morgan three wheelers achieving success in motorsport plus record breaking runs at Brooklands. The Aero model was introduced in 1920. This was a three-wheeler inspired by Capt. Albert Ball, a fighter pilot who commissioned special streamlined bodywork for his Morgan. He mentioned that driving this car was the closest he got to flying his aero plane. Powerful V twin engines with overhead valves were fitted giving the three wheelers exceptionally good performance for the time

In 1927, the Super Aero was introduced with streamlined bodywork with a rounded beetle back. In 1931 a three-speed transmission & reverse gearbox with single chain drive was introduced and a new model, a development of the Super Aero, the Aero Supersports was introduced. The Morgan three wheelers started to face difficult competition from cars of similar yet more practical specification such as the Austin Seven and produced their first four wheeled car, the Morgan 4/4 in 1936 which signaled the end of the three-wheeler

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This Example:

This Morgan Three Wheeler is a 1934 Aero Supersports model with a 1098cc JAP V twin engine with overhead valves and three speed plus reverse gearbox. This is one of the most desirable Morgan models and we have owned it for the past five years with the previous owner 24 years.

Recent re commissioning has included:

  • 3 x New Avon tyres
  • Refurbish all rims
  • Lube axle and bearings
  • Set and lube chain
  • Rebuild and set braking system
  • Re core radiator
  • Flush and re seal fuel and oil tank
  • Replace and service all cables
  • Check and test all electricals
  • Fit new battery
  • Re build starter motor
  • Service Magneto
  • Secure steering column shaft and re-bush
  • Re bush lower mounts
  • Fit oil dripper

The engine was rebuilt by Cameron Engineering & Motorsports Ltd in Malvern Worcestershire UK which included the following:

New parts:

1 x Crank and rods assembly

2 x New 86mm pistons

2 x Main bearings

2 x Cam follower roller pins and bushes

2 x Head gaskets

2 x Valves, guides, springs, hardened caps, tappet adjusters and pushrod - complete top end assembly

4 x Valve inserts

1 x External flywheel, flywheel nut and clutch

1 x Carb and float (exchanged for refurbished)

2 x Bore barrel

Strip, replace and rebuild engine

Test run on test bench

This is a rare opportunity to secure an extremely rare collector car of which only a handful exist in South Africa. Contact Gareth for more details: Tel: (021) 462 3558 or send us an enquiry via the contact form below:

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