BMW Isetta 300 Export

1957 - Nut and bolt resto. - SOLD

BMW Isetta 300 Export

1957 - Nut and bolt resto. - SOLD

BMW Isetta 300 Export - Specifications



The Iso company in Italy built refrigerators and small motorised vehicles. Their founder Renzo Rivolta commissioned his engineers to build a small affordable car at a time when most Italians only owned bicycles or scooters. They used one of their motorcycle engines and named this new car the Isetta (Little Iso). The Isetta was a sensation and the first micro car of its kind. It was even entered in the Mille Miglia.

In 1954 Renzo Rivolta wanted to concentrate Iso’s efforts on his new Iso Rivolta sports car and explored licensing agreements. BMW not only took up a license to produce the Isetta but bought all the tooling too.

BMW started making the Isetta in 1955 and released the first one in April that same year.

The Isetta had to be redesigned for BMW’s version of its 250cc single cylinder motorcycle engine. With the changes to the engine done, it made 12 BHP and could reach a top speed of 85 km/h.

It was the world’s first mass produced car to reach a fuel consumption figure of 3L per 100 km and was the top-selling single cylinder car of that time.

In 1956 Germany implemented a law stating that cars were not allowed to use an engine with a displacement of 250cc and below. As a result, BMW increased the engine displacement of the Isetta to 298cc as 300cc was the maximum displacement allowed for the tax category that it was placed in.

This Example:

This example has undergone a complete nut and bolt restoration by Crossley and Webb and is in immaculate condition.

Restoration details:


  • The vehicle was purchased without an engine or gearbox and there were also numerous parts that were not present when the build began
  • The car was completely disassembled, the chassis was glass bead blasted and painted with 2k black prior to assembly
  • The chain case was disassembled and vapor blasted and all of the bearings were replaced at this time.
  • Drive chain in the chain case replaced with a new master link and imported chain case gasket set
  • The leaf springs were stripped and cleaned individually and reassembled also painted separately and then fitted to the chassis
  • The rear shock absorbers were replaced with new imported ones including the mounting rubbers
  • The rear brake shoes were all rebounded locally and were assembled with a new hand brake cable and brake shoe springs, the hand brake actuator was also replaced and the rear brake wheel cylinder was replaced with an original part imported
  • Engine is rebuilt with new parts and was fully assembled and imported from Germany this also applied to the gearbox
  • The engine hang ons were also all new like the starter, Dyna start points ignition coil, reconditioned carburetor, new clutch plate, pressure plate, bee hive spring and clutch push for and the following cables were also fitted as new:
    • clutch cable
    • accelerator cable
    • choke cable
  • The entire air filter system is brand new including the filter.
  • The fuel filter and fuel tap on the tank is also new
  • The drive shaft from the gearbox to the chain case is fitted with brand new flanges and drive rubbers (doughnuts) and also fitted with new bolts and nuts
  • A complete exhaust system was also purchased, all of the above was imported from Germany
  • The fuel tank was sent out locally to be-reconditioned. It was also lined to protect the inside from rust the fuel cap and emblem are also new imported
  • The front suspension was completely rebuilt with new bushes, shock absorbers, brake lines and steering system bushes
  • All of the items replaced were imported and all of the parts were removed vapor blasted and painted separately with 2k prior to assembly.
  • The king pin and link pin bushes were inspected and found to be perfect and were re used
  • The brake shoes were locally rebounded
  • The wheel cylinders and brake master cylinder were imported from Germany all of the brake lines are brand new
  • The steering column was fitted with a new bearing and the universal joint was also replaced with genuine parts
  • The steering damper shock absorber was also replaced with a new part that was imported
  • The pedal box was disassembled re bushed vapor blasted and painted prior to assembly
  • The dashboard is a good second hand replacement bought from the UK at Bromley bubble car as well as the gear change cable, and dashboard marker lights
  • The door opener piston was disassembled cleaned reassembled and painted
  • The steering wheel and hooter button were restored and hooter contact was replaced with new parts


  • A new battery was fitted that was bought locally
  • The entire wiring harness was imported from Germany including all of the lights that is interior headlights taillights and side indicator lights as well as a genuine voltage regulator.
  • The speedo gauge was sent to classic car center and was completely reconditioned
  • The wiper motor was reconditioned in Germany and also imported including the wiper pivots and arms and blades and a brand new chrome hooter was fitted

Body work

  • A brand new floor board was fitted that was also manufactured with a bigger battery box to accommodate a larger battery
  • The entire body shell was glass bead blasted inside and out, any rusted areas identified and were professionally removed and new sheet metal was fitted to those areas (left front wing)
  • The entire bottom of the car was painted with stone guard paint that was tinted with the orange color
  • The body was painted as closely as possible to the original orange and cream colors
  • The windows (glass) is all original and was sent out to be polished all window rubbers are new and were also imported from Germany
  • The sunroof parts are all new and fully imported including the fasteners and hardware items the front door lock handle and keys as well as the ignition lock and key are brand new
  • The front and rear bumpers and bumper bracket are new and also imported
  • All 5 wheel rims were imported and tyres were purchased locally and were fitted with brand new inner tubes that were imported

The interior

  • The seat frame is original and was upholstered locally
  • The door panel and side panel cards are new.
  • The rear parcel rack is also new as is the suitcase rack they were both imported

This is a perfect opportunity to purchase a ready to drive, completed restoration that would be the pride of any car collection

This BMW Isetta is available for viewing at the Crossley & Webb showroom in Cape Town. For more information please contact Jeremy or Gareth. Telephone (021) 462 3558, Cell 083 5370 456 or email: info@crossley-webb.com

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