Gladiator - Twin cylinder Aster power

Gladiator - Twin cylinder Aster power

Gladiator - Twin cylinder Aster power


This Example:

The recorded history of this example dates back to 1913 when two Rondebosch Boys High school friends, spent a 10-day holiday at Steenebrug Farm in Piketburg (then known at Piquetberg).

They came across an abandoned old car, the Gladiator, under an Oak tree and took an interest in it. The chassis and parts lay under the tree in the yard and the engine block was found in the fowl run. The farm owner was quite amused with their enthusiasm and made a bet with the boys. If they could get it running down to the main road and back, he would give them the car.

2. Snap no 2 - CBY 1 - Kluitjies Kraal Wolseley - Des Kenealey at wheel - Herold passenger.jpg

They spent sleepless nights getting the Gladiator running and it eventually made it down to the farm road and back. The farmer honoured his word and the two friends felt like millionaires and set off on the journey back to Cape Town. By the time they reached Malmesbury the Gladiator was behaving very well but they were delayed by a race with an Ox cart and were nearly late for school. On arrival back in Rondebosch their families hardly recognized them after their adventure in Piketburg.

4. Herbert Herold at wheel of CBY 1 towing CA13.jpg

This Gladiator brought the two friends much joy and cemented an everlasting friendship. They converted it into a two-seater (their “sports model”) and used it on many trips out to Wolseley (Kluitjies Kraal etc.). After leaving school and serving in World War One, the two friends lost interest in the Gladiator and it passed on to their cousin and has remained in the same family ever since

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